Baltimore’s Reality TV Magician Doesn’t Make the Cut

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s finally official:  our favorite local magician/reality TV hopeful, Spencer Horsman, will not be crowned the Most Talented Man in America — even after escaping from a vest of locks while submerged in 150 gallons of cement. Horsman almost went under before leaping out of the tank, his body and face coated in cement. “I’m alive!” he croaked. What more could these people want?!

Horsman (whose friends and fans just call him “Horse”) first got eliminated a couple weeks ago, but got a reprieve when Howard Stern chose him to return for the wild card round. Alas, despite his Houdini-like escape, Horsman didn’t make the cut. The pet ventriloquist did. Is there no justice in the world?

Now, of course, is the real test:  Can Horse parlay his fifteen minutes of TV fame into a lasting brand? He’s already printing a test run of a magic set. If you want to pay your compliments in person, Horsman’s shows at Illusions, the magic bar he runs with his father, start up again this weekend.

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