Credit: Ayanna White

Baltimost is a Baltimore Fishbowl feature that asks locals what they love about their city. The idea is to celebrate Baltimore and the people who make it so unique.

So what makes Baltimore the Baltimost to you? It could be a favorite place, a great meal, a memorable interaction or something else entirely. Email suggestions to Karen at

Tahir Juba, 20, is a junior majoring in electrical engineering at Morgan State University and a producer at Wide Angle Youth Media. In his words:

“I grew up in West Baltimore. Ever since I can remember, I was interested in video. I heard about Wide Angle when I was in ninth grade at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. They gave you $5 and dinner to come in and learn about video and design. I’d go twice a week.
I was always pretty shy and introverted, but at Wide Angle I felt like I could be myself and also be really creative. I get to do what I love, and talk to people who have the same interests.

My senior year in high school, I got a job at McDonald’s and had to cut back on my time at Wide Angle. That’s when Wide Angle made me a producer and paid me to work on videos for clients like Under Armour and the Maryland State Arts Council.

I’d love to make short films someday, but I also plan to finish college. Electrical engineering and film producing seem different, but they both come down to problem-solving. When I’m at Wide Angle, every day is different. One day I could be editing all day, the next I could be out on a shoot.

What I love about Baltimore is that all across the city there are different events by and for young people, for the purpose of uplifting and supporting us.

To give just one example, my friend Nile Williams at Wide Angle just started Talenti a few months ago. It’s a talent show for youth, Thursday nights from 6 to 9 at Pipe Dreamz.
Just being in Baltimore, there’s a lot of bad news going around, but there’s also a lot of opportunity. There’s all this potential for things to happen.”