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The number of children getting their education in a homeschooled setting is increasing and will continue to do so. Most parents providing homeschooling can sufficiently provide a sound, base level math education using their homeschooling tools and connections. “However, it is not uncommon for the parent to “hit a wall” when their child begins to enter the world of algebra”, says Jim Trexler, Mathnasium of Roland Park, Center Director. At this point, the parent begins exploring options with fellow homeschooling parents. Those options range from teaming with other parents, on-line tools, individual tutors, and supplemental learning companies like Mathnasium.

The Mathnasium method is used by thousands of homeschooling families nationwide, including some of the homeschooled members of Mathnasium of Roland Park. One of the differentiators of the Mathnasium method is our coordination with the teacher (parent) of the homeschooled student. According to Trexler, “We don’t work in a vacuum. We sit down and review the teacher’s approach, administer our assessment, and develop a learning plan to fill the student’s knowledge gaps and synchronize it with the teacher’s long term plan. Mathnasium doesn’t replace the homeschool teacher; we help them achieve their goals using our proven Mathnasium Hour methodology in conjunction with their plans.” Once the student begins their Mathnasium program, periodic progress reports are sent to the parent and discussed, inspiring learning plan adjustments as needed.

Mathnasium’s approach with students in public, private, or charter schools is no different than with homeschooled students, with one exception. Trexler emphasizes, “We have a more intimate relationship with the homeschool teacher because in most cases, the teacher is the parent and that parent is solely focused on that one student rather than 20-30 students in a traditional classroom setting. This gives us a great opportunity to tailor the Mathnasium learning plan with the homeschool learning plan.”

For more information about Mathnasium, contact Jim Trexler,, 443-863-0531, or visit Mathnasium of Roland Park

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