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Tips for HomeSchooling: Keeping Children with Learning Differences on Track During COVID-19


To say that the coronavirus has impacted many, if not all, aspects of our lives would be an understatement – with our children’s education being no exception. Rachel Turniansky, director of disability and inclusion services at the Macks Center for Jewish Education (CJE), and SHEMESH staff, have put together a list of tips and tricks you can use to make sure your child with learning differences can still learn effectively from home.

1. Keep To A Schedule (But Remain Flexible)

It’s important to keep to a schedule as much as possible. You can even consider creating a visual schedule, using pictures found online. Use images to represent each activity, even for kids who are reading, to add interest and make it easy to reference. Set goals and celebrate accomplishments. Remain flexible in case things don’t go according to plan. Give yourself some more time for activities and be ready to put things aside even if they aren’t completed – turn it into a teachable moment.

Sports Star? Art Star? Math Stars Shine at Mathnasium


inner_mainImage_aboutParents are willing to do just about anything to help their children succeed. Whether it’s athletics, art, or music, we spend thousands of dollars every year helping our kids become the star quarterback, the lead in the play, or the featured soloist in the concert.

But what about math?

Just like organizations that serve to enhance a child’s sports skills, artistic ability or musical talent, Mathnasium attracts gifted STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) students and helps them master math. All of the instructors at Mathnasium are highly competent up to or beyond calculus.

“We have the brain power to help any student looking to take their math competency to the next level,” says Jim Trexler, Center Director of Mathnasium of Roland Park. “About 30 percent of our kids are working beyond their grade level, we expect that trend to continue.”

Be Smart About Homeschooling-Investigate The Mathnasium Method



Mathnasium_Hour_Pie Charts_4

The number of children getting their education in a homeschooled setting is increasing and will continue to do so. Most parents providing homeschooling can sufficiently provide a sound, base level math education using their homeschooling tools and connections. “However, it is not uncommon for the parent to “hit a wall” when their child begins to enter the world of algebra”, says Jim Trexler, Mathnasium of Roland Park, Center Director. At this point, the parent begins exploring options with fellow homeschooling parents. Those options range from teaming with other parents, on-line tools, individual tutors, and supplemental learning companies like Mathnasium.