Beautiful Spring Tunics, Perfect for Beach or Resort

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We know, you’re tired of the winter wonderland.  You’ve developed the afternoon habit of taking a mental vacation to the islands each day as you look out the window and pull your sweater a little tighter around you.  Maybe the next best thing to being at the beach is packing to leave.  If you pack it, it will happen.  Make sure to fill your suitcase with Liza Byrd Tops and Tunics.  There’s a rumor that donning one of these lovely tops brings about sunshine and spring-like temps, even if it’s just on your own home.vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 11


vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 10
Why we love it.. Some styles are loose with pleat and button detailing; others are neat and structured with ruffles, stripes and textures.

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 6

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 5

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