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Essentials For A Weekend On The Eastern Shore

Weekend Travel Essentials from Matava Shoes

There’s no better month than June for an overnight on the Eastern Shore. The weather is perfect, and the beaches are open for business. When it comes to an overnight trip, packing light is the way to go.

Under New Order, Ocean City Beach Cops are Not to Bother Topless Women

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Lacking clarification from Maryland’s top attorney, the Ocean City Beach Patrol has asked its officers to stand down if they see a woman going topless on the beach.

Beach Umbrellas Perform Their Dastardly Dance in Ocean City


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.54.11 PMNever underestimate the ability of people sitting around on vacation to get some footage for those of us stuck working to enjoy. The latest viral video from the shore involves beach umbrellas moving with reckless abandon as a thunderstorm appears to set to descend on an Ocean City beach. If it weren’t so terrifying to imagine being caught in the middle of, the video would be kind of beautiful.




Baltimore Beach Volleyball at Rash Field


Baltimore Beach

catch of the day fish (2)Nothing says summer fun like the sight of bronzed figures leaping around in the sand, sending volleyballs over the net. In fact, many of us have shown up to our summer day at the beach with friends and family only to look over at those happy volleyball players some yards over, thinking, “did they bring that net with them? Do they do this all the time? Were they planted here by the chamber of commerce or something to enhance the beach’s image?” Well, we may not ever have the answers to those exact questions, but we can definitely get closer to them (or to actually being those jubilant, bronzed volleyball players) thanks to Baltimore Beach Volleyball down at the Inner Harbor.

Rhapsody in June



the-delaware-seashore in June

I am never going to leave Virginia Beach, where the boardwalk is stone and the hotels are a wall of blocks flanked by mulched banks of flowers. The bike trail veers from the oceanfront through a pine forest, deep and green. The waves are so gentle they almost don’t break. We have a coupon for a free drink at the bar.

In Narragansett, the bay is true navy with white sails scudding, the beach a smile of sand in a rocky clasp. There is no retail anything anywhere, not a hot dog stand, not a hotel. We dragged chairs for a quarter-mile to study real estate listings on the beach. If we had to leave we would surely return.

Beautiful Spring Tunics, Perfect for Beach or Resort


We know, you’re tired of the winter wonderland.  You’ve developed the afternoon habit of taking a mental vacation to the islands each day as you look out the window and pull your sweater a little tighter around you.  Maybe the next best thing to being at the beach is packing to leave.  If you pack it, it will happen.  Make sure to fill your suitcase with Liza Byrd Tops and Tunics.  There’s a rumor that donning one of these lovely tops brings about sunshine and spring-like temps, even if it’s just on your own home.vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 11


vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 10
Why we love it.. Some styles are loose with pleat and button detailing; others are neat and structured with ruffles, stripes and textures.

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 6

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 5

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 4

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 3

vPostcards - January 2014 - Front - 1



Beach Season: Around the Corner and Over the Bridge


Every year in early May my husband and I head to the Maryland-Delaware shore. After a flurry of spring activity and before the final stretch of graduations, weddings and end-of-the-year activities, we soak up the solitude.

This spring’s beach retreat was cool, sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy and drizzling, sometimes down right cold. The weather never matters.

We walk empty beaches and residential roads. I sometimes rent a bike. We read and draw, shop in well-stocked stores, eat in half-full restaurants, sit on the porch in sweatshirts, watch the waves and look for porpoises. This year a magical supermoon appeared.