“Beer Pong Rapist” Preyed on College Park Students via Drinking Games

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(Just to warn you, this is awful.) So 38 year-old Montgomery County resident Joey Pointdexter was a fixture at College Park-area bars, but only when there was a beer pong event. (In case you haven’t hung out with any college students recently, beer pong is a drinking game played with red solo cups, ping pong balls, and lots and lots of beer; when I was in college, we called it Beirut.) That’s already weird enough, since most people grow out of their beer pong phase around the time they get their diplomas. But it gets worse — turns out Pointdexter was trolling the beer pong nights for victims he then sexually assaulted.

According to Montgomery County Police, Pointdexter would buy a fellow beer pong player a drink– and the next thing that young man would know, he’d wake up naked in Pointdexter’s home.

After a victim approached police, they set up a sting operation to catch him; judging from images on Pointdexter’s phone, police believe there are at least 10 other victims. Since Pointdexter traveled for beer pong tournaments, police in nearby areas — including Baltimore — have been alerted, in case Pointdexter assaulted men in this area as well.

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  1. Major creep factor — and not the kind of thing you’d think you’d have to worry about with your sons. Kudos to the police for catching him and the young men for being brave enough to come forward.

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