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Meet Ziv Friedwald – Campus Fellow at Johns Hopkins University


In partnership with The Associated’s global partner, The Jewish Agency for Israel, each year the Associated provides support for four young Israelis to work as key members of the Hillel staff at Hopkins, Towson University, Goucher College and University of Maryland, College Park. Israel Campus Fellows provide opportunities for students to discuss and form connections with an Israeli, educated and inspire students to forge enduring commitments to Israel.

College Park’s Council Delays Decision on Undocumented Immigrant Voting Bill

A voting line in Washington D.C. Photo by Lorie Shaull, via Wikimedia Commons.

After much fuss, lawmakers in College Park, Md., opted not to take up a controversial proposal to let non-citizens vote in local elections.

College Park is Mulling Whether to Let Undocumented Residents Vote in Local Elections


During a time of heightened crackdowns on undocumented immigration with orders emanating from D.C., the Beltway community of College Park, Md., is weighing whether to open up the voting process to non-citizens.

Rayshad Lewis, Ray Lewis’ Son, Transferring from Utah State to College Park

A game at Maryland Stadium in 2007, via Wikimedia Commons.

The flesh and blood of Ravens legend Ray Lewis is coming to College Park.

Route One Apparel Offers Md. Flag Gear for the Whole Family

Ready your red, white, black, and gold clothing. Here comes Maryland Day!

In 1634, two ships full of British settlers landed at St. Clement’s Island and colonized the Province of Maryland. Among those settlers was the Calvert family, credited with both founding Maryland and inspiring our iconic state flag with its family crests.

Every year on March 25, we celebrate that founding with an official state holiday and by waving Maryland’s bold and unique flag in all its red, white, black and gold glory. Nearly four centuries later, thanks in large part to a motivated graduate from UMD, we can wear that flag too.

College Park Bus Driver Saves Kids From Burning School Bus



Twenty elementary school children were riding home from school earlier this week when their bus caught fire. (Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending for everyone except the bus.)

The MARC Train Wants to Move More College Kids



We know they’re the best student body in the Big Ten. Now, Maryland’s transit wizards see University of Maryland students as prime potential riders for the train between Baltimore and D.C.: 

“Beer Pong Rapist” Preyed on College Park Students via Drinking Games



(Just to warn you, this is awful.) So 38 year-old Montgomery County resident Joey Pointdexter was a fixture at College Park-area bars, but only when there was a beer pong event. (In case you haven’t hung out with any college students recently, beer pong is a drinking game played with red solo cups, ping pong balls, and lots and lots of beer; when I was in college, we called it Beirut.) That’s already weird enough, since most people grow out of their beer pong phase around the time they get their diplomas. But it gets worse — turns out Pointdexter was trolling the beer pong nights for victims he then sexually assaulted.

Just How Scandalous Is “Sex in College Park”?

Photo by Kelsey Hughes via the Diamondback
Photo by Kelsey Hughes via the Diamondback

Poor college students — everyone’s always up in their business. All the University of Maryland wanted to do was publish a sex-themed issue, and the next thing you know people are all upset about “racy pictures featuring apparent students engaged in sexually suggestive behavior.” College students acting in vaguely sexual ways! Gasp!