Beloved Brooklyn Bakers Moving to Baltimore

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There’s big news in the New York food scene today that appears to be to the benefit of all Baltimore sweets lovers. Allison and Matt Robicelli, owners of the much-loved bakery Robicelli’s, plan to move to Baltimore within the next year.

Robicelli’s is famous for its cupcakes, and a confection called Nutellasagna, which is distributed nationwide. But they’re also famous for being from Brooklyn and championing the borough, so uprooting is a big deal. Allison Robicelli told Brooklyn Mag that the couple are closing up shop around Christmas Eve. She pointed to business costs as a main reason they’re moving.

Here’s her thoughts on Baltimore, per the Brooklyn Mag interview:

“Meanwhile, when I went to Baltimore, I found countless art spaces, independent booksellers, record stores, comic book shops, music venues… there is a whole fucking neighborhood that smells like incense! It’s exactly like the Village was in the 90s.

Even when we were in the dicey areas, the people were nice! Some homeless guys helped stop traffic so my kids could safely cross the street. It’s just full of imagination and possibility. I miss that feeling.”

Robicelli’s hasn’t announced a Baltimore location yet, but Allison Robicelli said a developer has made an offer to relocate.

So, does this mean Baltimore is the next Brooklyn?

Paulie Gee’s, by the way, is a pizza joint that’s renovating a new space in Hampden.


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