Ben Carson Labeled “Extremist” by SPLC

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Ben Carson labeled "extremist" by SPLC
Dr. Benjamin Carson

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based legal advocacy organization that opposes hate groups, just added Dr. Ben Carson to its “Extremist Files,” alongside white supremacists and the leader of the New Black Panther Party.

The SPLC cites the retired Hopkins neurosurgeon and potential 2016 presidential candidate’s “Anti-LGBT” views as justification for his inclusion on the list. His profile also includes statements in which he compares Obamacare to slavery and proposes a tax system based on the the biblical tithe.

Carson called his inclusion on the list “ignorant” and told the Daily Mail:

“[W]hen embracing traditional Christian values is equated to hatred, we are approaching the stage where wrong is called right and right is called wrong.

“It is absolutely critical for us to once again advocate true tolerance in this world where freedom of speech is closely guarded. That means being respectful to all of those with whom we disagree, as well as allowing people to live according to their values without harassment.”

Great, now if only Carson supported the right of LGBT Americans to “live according to their values without harassment.”

For what it’s worth, Carson is easily the least extreme figure on the Anti-LGBT list, which includes the likes of the late Fred Phelps and other lesser known wackos.



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  1. I fear that single-issue obsession rarely makes for good voting choices. Why is much of the media so determined to malign and undermine Dr Carson? I have read his books, and have some personal knowledge of him as a physician and healer, and as a person. The picture painted here is far from the man I know. I am fiercely pro-LGBT, and my antennae are not up in regards to Dr Carson. Is the constant negative opinion expressed on FB a personal vendetta? I apologize if I seem harsh, but I am getting weary of the seemingly constant attack on anyone who is to the right of center.

    • Thanks for the comment, Millicent. I certainly have no personal vendetta against Carson, just as I have no personal vendetta against former Gov. Martin O’Malley, though I’ve taken him to task (as much as a humble blogger can) when I disagree with his words and actions (for example, his disingenuous support of casinos, his disgraceful record on sentence commutations, and his general habit of using Md.’s one-party system to push through legislation without getting the public on board). I write about Dr. Carson because he’s a local celebrity injecting himself into the national political discourse. He says many outlandish things that are worth talking about, and he says those things to a large and supportive audience.

      As much as it seems the media are “determined to malign and undermine” him, there are just as many outlets fawning over him. American Thinker called him a “man of destiny,” and published an in-depth two-part interview with Carson in which the writer introduced him as “an individual whose values and ethics [restore] your faith in mankind.” Carson himself has directly shaped the media conversation as a regular writer for the Washington Times and American CurrentSee as well as during his tenure as a Fox News contributor, not to mention his constant press appearances. I actually sat on the SPLC story for a day, because I felt he had been in the headlines too much. I believe that’s a noteworthy story, more so if you believe he doesn’t belong there. (You’ll be happy to learn he has since been removed from the Extremist Files.)

      I wouldn’t characterize Ben Carson as “to the right of center.” Carson’s statements (not to say anything about him as a person or a neurosurgeon) consistently play into the paranoia of the far right, praising Cliven Bundy, comparing Obamacare to slavery and 9/11, warning of an imminent government takeover and martial law. I would call someone like Gov. Larry Hogan as “to the right of center.” And I hope you’ve noticed I do not skewer him for being a Republican or a conservative. I regard him with the same healthy skepticism that I regard all elected officials.

      I’m sorry that you see BFB as a stream of negativity against right-wingers. It’s certainly not my intention. And, as defensive as I am, I will keep your comment in mind as I write political posts going forward.

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