Ben Carson: “Only in America” Do We Have Morning Talk Shows

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Dr. Ben Carson has not allowed the suspension of his campaign for president to keep him from his favorite pastime: making often offensive — but always mystifying — public statements.

Carson appeared Thursday on The View to mince words as he fielded questions on his endorsement of Donald Trump — truth-averse misogynist and racist who once compared Carson to a child molester — for president.

Q: Why did he endorse Donald Trump?

A: Because his “first choice” is no longer in the race.

Q: But why would he align himself with a candidate who has a “penchant for both racism and sexism?”

A: “There is no perfect person.”

Q: But he’s a racist who’s bad for the country!

A: “What’s the alternative?”

And it went on like that — a series of evasive Zen koans.

But the most absurd statement from Carson came after the show was over. Reflecting on the contentious interview, Carson was thankful that he lived in the only country in the world with morning talk shows, and tweeted as much:

Later Carson tweeted a related thought on political discourse:

“It’s important that we have civility during times of disagreement,” Carson noted. Not crucially important, of course. I mean, it wouldn’t stop him from endorsing the least civil man in the history of American politics for the highest political office.

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