Ben Carson Out-raises Hillary Clinton in 2014 So Far

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Ben Carson

It takes money–a lot of money– to run for political office, and the candidate who raises the most money tends to come out on top. So it’s very interesting that Baltimore neurosurgeon Ben Carson ha raised $2.4 million toward his campaign for president in 2016, making him an early front-runner in the race–at least as far as money goes.

According to Reuters, in the first three months of 2014, the group backing Carson for president raised more than groups supporting fellow conservative candidates Rand Paul and Marco Rubio; it also out-earned Hillary Clinton’s equivalent committee.

Carson says he is not interested in running for president, and that he is not affiliated with the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee. But we’ve grown used to people running for president denying it at first. But the video below (from Carson’s website) does indicate that he has at least thought about it. Which has got me daydreaming about this unlikely (but possible) very Maryland presidential lineup: Martin O’Malley versus Ben Carson. Now that would be interesting.

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