Best Friends from Catonsville to Star in a Reality Show with New Kids on the Block

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Best Friends from Catonsville on TV with New Kids on the Block
The boat that, presumably, is rocked in the course of the show.

The first piece of information I want to relate to you is that Angie Johnson and Angie Kennard (both Mount de Sales Academy, class of ’93) “have been going on cruises with [New Kids on the Block] for the past six years.” So, going on a cruise with NKOTB is apparently a thing. And it’s been happening every year since 2009.

Anyway, Johnson and Kennard were cast in the reality show Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block, which premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Pop TV (currently TV Guide Network). The show was shot during the 2013 concert cruise and follows seven different groups of fans. In an email pitching their group of friends to the show, Johnson mentioned that one friend — Dannyelle Zywan — was looking to hold her wedding on the cruise. The producers bit.

Below is a promotional clip for the show. For a split-second you see a group of friends tending to a women in a bridal gown.

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