Beyonce Draws Obama Family to Concert, Woodberry Kitchen

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Beyonce merchandise at Camden Yards

Beyonce may have been the center of attention during her Friday concert in Baltimore, but the Obama family got its share of the limelight as well.

First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Malia and Sasha, and some of their friends traveled by SUV motorcade from Washington to take in the concert. Before the show, the Obamas were seen having dinner at Spike Gjerde’s Woodberry Kitchen restaurant.

For the Obama daughters, it was a day of celebration. Sasha Obama was turning 15, and Malia graduated from Sidwell Friends School earlier in the day.

It’s unclear whether the Obamas got to check out Beyonce’s official merchandise bus, which featured $45 t-shirts with sayings such as BEYHIVE BOYS, SLAY ALL DAY and BOYCOTT BEYONCE.

Their trip to Baltimore generated a number of comments on the internet from people who saw them at the restaurant, in the motorcade and at the stadium – or wish they had.

“I really enjoyed knowing Michelle and Malia visited Baltimore,” said Peggy Kelly McLain on Facebook. “I hope it makes the national news. Great for Baltimore. They are the First Family and everything they do is news.”

“Well, at least Democrats haven’t totally forgotten about Baltimore, even if it’s for a Beyonce concert,” said a commenter on Twitchy.

More than a few Facebook remarks were about Woodberry Kitchen and its coverage by WBAL-TV.

“I think this restaurant leaked that the Obamas were coming to boost sales,” said Scott Oswinkle.

“This restaurant does not need to do anything to boost sales,” responded commenter Gary Gorelick.

“A more likely explanation for WBAL showing up at Woodberry Kitchen is a viewer tip,” said commenter Richard Gorelick.

Ed Gunts

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