Blob’s Park Will Live Again–Kind Of

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Photo via Blob's Facebook page
Photo via Blob’s Facebook page

If you’ve ever danced a rousing polka in the Baltimore area, chances are it was at Blob’s Park, the beloved beer garden/Bavarian dance hall in Jessup. It was the kind of place where you could eat some brats, drink out of a stein, and get a dance lesson. But Blob’s struggled with polka’s declining relevance, and with a younger generation’s lack of identification with Bavarian traditions. Blob’s closed and re-opened a few years ago, only to close again last year.

But we’re happy to hear that Blob’s owner, Max Eggerl, a nephew of the great Max Blob himself, plans to reopen a Bavarian style restaurant on Parkway Drive. It’s not all good news, however, “There definitely won’t be dancing, there’s not enough room,” Eggerl told the Sun.

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