BmoreArt’s Picks: June 27 – July 3

This Week: Bmore Amplified Exhibition at City Hall, virtual artist talk with Alberto Cavalieri, Alyssa Dennis at Connect + Collect, Resident Artist Show opening reception at Motor House, Baynard Woods at Current Space, Station North Art Walk, Art After Hours: The Culture at the BMA — PLUS Digital Inclusion Maker Fellowship at Open Works and more featured opportunities!

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Bmore Amplified Exhibition
Ongoing through August 25
@ The Galleries in Baltimore City Hall

BMore Amplified, an exhilarating group exhibition at  The Galleries in Baltimore City Hall, celebrates and highlights the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community in Baltimore. The exhibition, curated by Alysha M. Page, M.A., is the kickoff for #BMoreamplified a Pride365 campaign by the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs. An initiative to “pass the mic” to communities most silenced and vulnerable. The exhibition consists of artwork from twenty-five artists each with a unique style working in various mediums. The exhibition is a testament to the resilience, courage, and creativity of individuals who have overcome societal barriers and embraced their true identities. Each artwork on display reflects the multifaceted experiences and narratives encompassing the LGBTQIA+ journey, exploring themes of love, acceptance, self-discovery, and social progress. We are proud that all of these artists are a part of the largest exhibition at City Hall since the galleries reopened.

The exhibition explores the creation and nurturing of loving relationships within the LGBTQIA+ community. Artists delve into the complexities, joys, and challenges of love, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and support. The artwork explores the strong sense of community and unity within the LGBTQIA+ population in Baltimore City.

Other artists in the exhibition celebrate individuality and the joy of embracing one’s gender identity through the art of creating.  Artists have often used art as a way to counter societal norms and express one’s individuality. Talented artists have crafted their own identities through fashion, animal symbolism, and the exploration of gender joy.

The artwork challenges the preconceived notions of what is considered masculine or feminine. Artists use fabric, texture, and color to blur the lines between genders, creating a harmonious blend of elements that reflect the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

Artists on view  have embraced their gender identities with unwavering confidence, creating artwork that radiate happiness, liberation, and the sheer pleasure of being true to oneself.

Through the power of art, we recognize its capacity to challenge norms, break down prejudices, and foster empathy. Art has long served as a catalyst for change, igniting conversations and shaping societal perceptions. As we immerse ourselves in this exhibition, let us engage in conversations, broaden our perspectives, and celebrate the unique contributions of LGBTQIA+ artists. May this exhibition ignite compassion, understanding, and solidarity, leaving a lasting impact on all who witness the transformative power of art.

Baltimore City Hall is excited and pleased to have this exhibition on view for the duration of the summer from  June 7th through August 25th 2023!

We look forward to seeing you in the Rotunda!

Special thanks to artist and curator Joan Cox for volunteering her graphic design skills and encouraging artists to submit their work to be in the exhibition and artist Katie Rickman for her passion for the exhibition and input on artist selection.

Participating Artists 

Damon Arhos, David Ayala, Adam David Bencomo, Ram Brisueño, Jordan Carter, Tonya Caver, Schroeder Cherry, Joan Cox, Ash Epps, Jennifer Frederick, Caitlin Gill, Jessica Green/Sketchygg, Robert Hoffman, Brandon Kanion, Luke Manning, Tim Moran, S.M. Prescott, Paz Posado-O’Malley, Katie Rickman, Rich Rocket, Nicholas Rudolf, Gail Rosen, Queenearth/Missy Smith, Swann, Nora Talbot, and Emily Wisniewski.

Alberto Cavalieri | Virtual Artist Talk
Thursday, June 29 :: 6-7pm
hosted by Catalyst Contemporary

Catalyst Contemporary and the Baltimore chapter of the American Institute of Architects partner to present sculpture by Alberto Cavalieri at the Center for Architecture and Design located at One Charles Center. The works on display come from Cavalieri’s series of twisting and elegant “Knots.” In solid cast iron and fabricated, modular aluminum these knot sculptures take viewers on a journey through the beautiful potential of Cavalieri’s elegant forms and into the context of the much larger-scaled possibilities of architecture. The Center for Architecture and Design exhibit will feature the small-scaled minimalist style pieces.

The Art of Herbalism as Restoration Ecology with Alyssa Dennis – RSVP Required / Space is Limited
Thursday, June 29 :: 6-8pm
@ Connect + Collect Gallery

You are invited to an intimate introductory herbalism workshop and discussion hosted by Alyssa Dennis on Thursday, June 29th, from 6:00-8:00pm. Dennis is one of the artists featured in the current Arcadia Futura exhibit at BmoreArt’s Connect+Collect Gallery.

What is herbalism and how can the remembering of this age-old practice help us to better understand the language of nature and the environmental needs for the reversal of climate change destruction? Herbalism is as ancient as life itself and although botanical medicine is still a cultural norm for 80% of the world’s population, it ironically, lives at the margins of most parts of the industrialized world. In this engaging introductory gathering we will discuss the ecological benefits of herbs for the holistic health of our bodies & that of the Earth body.

Together we will taste, touch, and smell a few herbs while discussing their therapeutic actions; and we will identify why, and how they work.

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