Bolton Hill Gets a MICA Food Truck

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I love the food truck concept — It’s so… gypsy, or something. But we don’t get any to speak of in Charles Village. Ah well. Last month, Bolton Hill residents got a new wheeled eatery (with a strong Winnebago vibe) run by MICA.

The Artist’s Palate (it was originally to be called “Starving Artist,” but the contest-winning name was nixed by the school) offers “sandwiches, falafels, burritos, tacos, soups and hamburgers” to students and their neighbors. The truck hits several spots in the neighborhood and broadcasts its location via Twitter.

Anyone tried it yet? A food truck run by a college catering company doesn’t sound too promising. Is it just mobile dining hall fare, or is it a reasonable option for someone whose main form of currency is not MICA Flex Dollars?


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