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The Diner From “Diner” Will Live Again–As a Food Truck Park



The Baltimore diner made famous in Barry Levinson’s 1982 film Diner has had many lives. A series of owners have tried to turn the silver-sided landmark into a pizza joint, a late-night spot, and a Southern food restaurant. None of that worked — leading some (or maybe just me) to wonder if the place was cursed. Hopefully this new plan will prove me wrong!

More Food Trucks for East Baltimore



If you’re in East Baltimore around lunchtime and you find yourself craving burgers, barbecue, or samosas, you’re in luck: There’s a new food truck hub in town.

Local Food Truck Wins Competition


icedgems Cupcake Truck

We’ve long been fans of Iced Gems, the pink-and-white gourmet cupcake food truck that serves up ridiculously tempting buttercream-topped cupcake confections. (Writing that sentence just made me SO hungry.) Which is why it’s no surprise — but still pretty great! — that Iced Gems won the top prize at this weekend’s annual food truck competition, which included competitors from DC and Philadelphia as well.

Bolton Hill Gets a MICA Food Truck



I love the food truck concept — It’s so… gypsy, or something. But we don’t get any to speak of in Charles Village. Ah well. Last month, Bolton Hill residents got a new wheeled eatery (with a strong Winnebago vibe) run by MICA.

Has Anyone Tried This Baltimore Food Truck?


I was walking along 29th Street when I noticed a baby blue food truck parked on Howard. Pictured on the side was a dragon in a chef’s hat spitting fire under the truck name, “Stir Crazee.” The menu on the side identified the cuisine as Mongolian BBQ and encouraged patrons to “experience the insanity.”