The Baltimore diner made famous in Barry Levinson’s 1982 film Diner has had many lives. A series of owners have tried to turn the silver-sided landmark into a pizza joint, a late-night spot, and a Southern food restaurant. None of that worked — leading some (or maybe just me) to wonder if the place was cursed. Hopefully this new plan will prove me wrong!

According to the Sun’s Richard Gorelick, the diner will now become the center of Baltimore’s first permanent food truck park. It’ll still be located on Saratoga Street, under the JFX and near the downtown farmer’s market. But rather than serving up food itself, the diner will be a place where people can sit and enjoy the ambiance while noshing on delicious meals served up by the food trucks. The diner itself won’t have a kitchen at all. If all goes according to plan, the food truck park will be open for lunch for the rest of the year, and will begin opening in the evening starting next spring.

A pre-opening (featuring cocktails!) is slated for this Sunday during the downtown farmer’s market. Let’s all go toast this new venture–may it finally end the curse of the Diner!

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