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The Gathering is Back For Another Season


The Gathering

catch of the day fish (2)One more sign of spring: the food trucks are circling up.

The Diner From “Diner” Will Live Again–As a Food Truck Park



The Baltimore diner made famous in Barry Levinson’s 1982 film Diner has had many lives. A series of owners have tried to turn the silver-sided landmark into a pizza joint, a late-night spot, and a Southern food restaurant. None of that worked — leading some (or maybe just me) to wonder if the place was cursed. Hopefully this new plan will prove me wrong!

Good News for Baltimore Food Truck Fans

Photo of Bistro Lunch Box truck via Charm City Food Trucks
Photo of Bistro Lunch Box truck via Charm City Food Trucks

Fans of delicious cupcakes, gourmet grilled cheese,and other Baltimore food truck specialties rejoice: The City Council just approved a bill paving the way for new “food truck zones” around the city and allowing food trucks to participate in local farmer’s markets. Why not celebrate by buying your next meal from a food truck? Check out Charm City Food Trucks for a roundup of local offerings. And if you’re looking for multiple options in one place, you’re in luck: The Gathering, Baltimore’s roving food truck festival, is set for this Friday at War Memorial Plaza.