Books, Bitcoins, and Andy Warhol’s Diet Pills: Christmas Shopping with John Waters

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It’s the holiday season again, and that means that Baltimore’s own King of Trash is heading out on the rode with his acclaimed one-man show “A John Waters Christmas” (with two shows at the Baltimore Soundstage, by the way!).

Over the weekend, an interview with Waters appeared in the New York Times fashion section, and the filmmaker let us know what makes a good Christmas gift.

His advice? A book is always appropriate; a gift card never is (unless it’s a Bitcoin giftcard).

The best gifts he‘s ever received include a three-volume set of John Simon’s criticism, a Poor Pitiful Pearl doll (a sad-looking, headscarfed doll who Waters says is a “Communist”), the master invitation list from Rock Hudson’s memorial service, and Ike Turner’s will.

What does he really want this year? A Myron Stout drawing, or a bottle of Andy Warhol’s diet pills.

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