BPA Not That Bad for Babies, Johns Hopkins Says

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Exposure to BPA, a chemical found in many plastic products, has been linked to negative medical effects in people, particularly fetuses and infants. In 2012, the FDA banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. But then came the news that BPA-free plastics posed a different kind of damage. And now a Johns Hopkins study indicates that BPA exposure might be not as bad as previously thought.

The Hopkins study found that most babies are born with BPA in their system, even when parents used BPA-free products. But that’s kind of okay: “Our study also shows that newborns are better able to handle that exposure than we previously thought,” says study leader Rebecca Massa Nachman of Hopkins’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. That’s because the BPA in the infants’ systems was already metabolized, and therefore biologically inert–and considered harmless.

But… maybe stick to glass anyway, just in case?


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