BPD takes all-hands-on-deck approach after violent week

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Photo by Elvert Barnes, via Flickr

Following a deadly week that saw 18 killings in Baltimore, police are taking an all-hands-on-deck approach in attempt to quell violence.

Interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle announced today that an additional 527 officers and detectives, 66 sergeants and 20 lieutenants will be deployed on city streets, focusing on areas where they believe retaliatory shootings may occur, over the next three days.

The department is suspending leave time, except in emergency situations, to free up the manpower.

“We’ve scrubbed this building for personnel that can be on the street, in uniform, doing the job,” Tuggle said during a press conference at police headquarters.

While noting that it would be impossible for his department to control human behavior, Tuggle said it was important to have a strong presence in the wake of the violent uptick to serve as a deterrent.

A breakdown provided by Tuggle shows the murders happened across city: two in the Central District, one in the Eastern District, three in the Northeastern District, two in the Northern District, one in the Northwestern District, one in the Western District, four in the Southwestern District and four in the Southern District.

The increase in deployments will also come at a cost, Tuggle said, with police having to pay out overtime wages. But, Tuggle said, “We’ve gotta do something.”

“We can’t just sit back on our hands and let this thing play out,” he said. “We have to try and get in front of it.”

Brandon Weigel

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