Breaking Ground on New Development Near Hopkins Hospital

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The lot at the corner of Wolfe and Eager Streets sat vacant for years. Last week, that ground was broken.

The Eager Park area, right around the corner from Johns Hopkins Hospital, will eventually become home to 49 new townhomes and a 15-story hotel. Developers expect the townhomes to be complete by early 2016 (!), and the extended-stay Marriott Residential Inn (presumably intended for folks who have a reason to be at the hospital for a while) will be open sometime in 2017.

Hopkins has played a fraught role in East Baltimore redevelopment. This development, along with other projects in surrounding neighborhoods, is one way the hospital-university juggernaut is trying to correct course.

The officials present at the groundbreaking touted the fact that at least some of the townhomes will be priced under $300,000: “As we recruit new people to the hospital, for us to be able to say that there is new, affordable housing within a safe walk to the hospital is music to my ears,” said Ronald Peters0n, president of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.


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  1. So $300,000 is affordable housing? For who? Doctors? Is Hopkins paying attention? Once again the poor are pushed out and gentrified neighborhoods are created to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots. And this is good for Baltimore?

  2. with housing prices in the $300K range, it excludes 60% of Baltimore City Residents from moving in – what is REALLY going on here – the new Canton?

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