BronyCon Rides Into Baltimore

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bronycon_2012_mane_five__1_of_2__by_vulpine_jessica-d594t1k (500x375)catch of the day fish (2)The summer of fan cons hoofs on in Baltimore City this weekend, as My Little Pony fans arrive at the Baltimore Convention Center for the annual BronyCon.

Bronies are fans of the animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While young girls would figure to be the target market, there’s a mix of people from all ages and backgrounds that are captivated by the show. (Read: yes, there are guys). And, of course, there are costumes.

Last year’s event drew close to 10,000 people, with its mix of appearances of voice artists and writers from he animated TV series, panels on topics like fan fiction and “Bronies, Masculinity and Privacy,” and the two-day concert Bronypalooza.

The convention started in New York City, but moved to Baltimore in 2013. That year, it doubled in size from 4,000 to 8,000. It appears the convention has ingratiated itself with the City. SRB, for one, is totally onboard.

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