The Building That Nobody Wants to Buy

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The former PNC building in downtown Baltimore looks perfectly fine from the outside. It’s roomy (380,000 square feet) and tall (22 stories)– and yet for the second time, a prospective buyer has backed out at the last minute. 

The main issue with the building at 2 Hopkins Plaza, of course, is that it’s got a whole lot of unleased space. It makes sense that potential buyers would see that as a negative. But what if they chose to look on the bright side? More vacant space means more room to do weird stuff, like install an indoor skatepark or indoor rollercoaster. Why not!?

If your interest is piqued– or if you are interested in converting the office building into apartments, which is what everyone expects to happen– go ahead and make an offer. We’re sure they’ll be happy to hear from you!

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