Burgers, poutine and local craft beer at Clark Burger at The Senator

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The Senator Theatre. A Baltimore treasure. They’ve had their share of drama in the last few years. Once threatened by closure, the new owners of this historic theater – who also happen to own the Charles – have completely renovated, expanded it and now, you can actually grab something to eat right there in the theater before or after a show. Enter, Clark Burger.

I stopped into Clark Burger on a Monday evening, just after they opened at 5:00pm. The staff members were really friendly and helpful, explaining the different burgers and types of poutine. Poutine is big in Quebec and usually means fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. OH MY, yes. At Clark Burger, they offer many different variations on poutine – pork, beef brisket, fried egg, bacon, etc. I went with the Classique – fries, gravy and squeaky cheese. And since I was having a burger, I got a small order and it was plenty. For my burger choice, I went with the Clark Burger Original – Black Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and I added cheddar cheese because I think a burger should always be a cheeseburger. The bun was toasted and I liked that for sure. Keep in mind, they do not cook the burgers to temperature (I’m a rare to medium-rare girl) so don’t expect that. The flavor was excellent and I was very pleased with my burger. I ate almost the whole thing (the fries did me in.) I just wish it was little juicier…or maybe greasier. My favorite burger in town is just a block north of the Senator on York Road – Swallow at the Hollow, a Baltimore institution. For years and years, it was super divey, smoke-filled and filled with entertaining characters. Once the smoking ban was put into place, you no longer had to go home from the Swallow and take a shower…wow, that smoke was crazy. It’s still a little bit divey, now with better beer on tap. And no smoke. Love that place. On Sundays and Wednesdays, the burgers are half-price. Go.

Back to Clark Burger – which also happens to be run by the folks behind Little Havana – and the poutine. Poutine seems to be popping up around Baltimore a lot lately. Shoofly has Disco Fries, The Local Fry in Federal Hill has just opened and has few kinds of poutine along with many variations on fries with toppings. Since I could never in a million years go Paleo, I love this development and I did think the poutine at Clark Burger was really delicious and I will go back for sure. One other reason I’ll go back? Many, many LOCAL canned craft beers to go with your burger and fries. In the case, I spied, Union Craft Brewing, Flying Dog and Brewer’s Art. Of course, I had to have one. Yep.

It must be noted, you can also have burgers, poutine and adult beverages INSIDE  the theatre at their new concession stand. That’s big, hon. Go see a movie. Have a beer and some delicious food while enjoying the amazing, amazing Senator.


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Amy Langrehr

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