Restaurant owners Tina and Guido DeFranco announced today that their Little Italy restaurant has served its last meal.  Here’s the announcement posted on the Caesar’s Den Facebook page today:

To all our Caesar’s Den friends,

It’s with tremendous gratitude to God and to each one of you that we arrive at the time to say “Arrivederci.” After almost 44 years of serving you our best variety of southern Italian food and Italian wine, we’ve made the decision to retire and celebrate the fruits of our labors. We served our last meals last night.

We take this momentous step with a mixture of joy and sadness because it means redefining, or perhaps bringing to an end, so many wonderful relationships that we have made over the years. Know that your contribution as a patron, supplier, or beloved staff to our nearly half century of
wonderful memories will live on in our hearts.

Thank you! Millie grazie! Thank you!

Tina and Guido

And later…

We would like to thank all our Caesar’s Den staff who have become our extended family especially Franco, Carmine, Rose, Faust, Frank, Peggy, Rick,Greg Pannoni, Michele, Mark, Willy, Ms.Rose, Angie, Trisha, Aunt Vi, Amedeo, Mike (Cathy Bonomolo Galasso), John, Dante Liberatore, Cosimo, Patrick, Tim ClarksonRobert Leo McDonald., Pat B., Cesare (Michele Robinson Ciccanti), Ronnie (Rachel Dunnigan), Robert Garcia, Itza,Christopher Santori, Pete, Adam, Paul Davis, Dawn, Big Dave, Little Dave, Teresa, Kenny, Mariano, Basile, Donato, Bruno, Warren, Steve, Kathy, Paola J., Barry, Marquest, Ben, Miguel, Chad, Bryan, Antonio, Pamela and Matt!