For a second there, it looked like Walmart was going to stay out of Remington. Bruce Mortimer, owner of the 11-acre property at 25th and Howard, and WV Urban Development had gotten into a legal dispute, which was enough for Mortimer to go back on the sale and sell the parcel to Seawall Development Corp.

But the lawsuit has been settled, bringing WV Urban Development — and Walmart — back into the picture.

And that brings with it the same arguments over what a Walmart would do for (or to) the surrounding area. As the president of the Hampden Village Merchants Association (and the owner of Atomic Books), Benn Ray, said, “If it’s continuing, then our questions and issues continue.”

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  1. So you got “issues”? Hey, Atomic Books is about a mile from this great menace of a big store I don’t have to drive to. Get some tissues to mop up your issues and go away.

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