Why You Can’t Buy Natty Boh at an O’s Game

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Natty Boh may not be brewed (or owned) locally, but it’s still widely considered to be the Baltimore beer. And the Orioles are obviously the Baltimore baseball team. Ergo, you might expect you could spend a lovely afternoon at Camden Yards, drinking some $7.50 Bohs and cheering on the O’s. But not so fast.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, Natty Boh was sold at the stadium for this year’s first six home games–and then suddenly and quietly vanished. In part, that’s because the stadium is trying to emphasize more (actually) local beers, like Flying Dog. But the sudden absence of the popular beer might also have something to do with the a kerfluffle between Pabst (which owns Natty Boh) and the O’s: According to the Sun, the team has sent the brewery a cease and desist letter, asking that it stop using O’s imagery on its cans and in its marketing without permission.

But the official story is that sales volumes were low (perhaps because no one wants to spend $7.50 on a can of mediocre beer), and the distributor pulled the contract. In any case: if you want to drink a Boh and watch the O’s, you’ll have to do it from a bar, or from the comfort of your own living room.

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