This Case Is Basically Towson’s Version of Breaking Bad

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In AMC’s series Breaking Bad, a chemistry teacher teams up with his deadbeat student to create a cutting-edge meth lab in Albuquerque. But that was fiction. In Towson, an Ivy League educated psychiatrist teamed up with an Army vet to build a MDMA (aka “molly”) lab in the basement of their three-story Victorian home. And this was real life!

As the Baltimore Sun reports, psychiatrist Priscilla Sheldon-Cost, 51, pled guilty to one count each of drug conspiracy and drug possession. She apparently suffered from depression, and believed that the drug might help her illness. Her partner, Thomas Ronald Joyave, 53, pled guilty to the same charges. A third man, Vincent Mark Ricke, 24, also pled guilty to drug conspiracy charges. (Presumably he’s the “Jesse” of the relationship.) Sheldon-Cost had a history of drug abuse issues; her license was revoked in 2012. Theirs was the first functional molly lab in Baltimore County, according to police.

Police found packaging materials at the home that seemed to indicate that the drugs weren’t just for personal use. Nonetheless, the judge noted that neither defendant had a previous criminal record. Sheld-Cost and Joyave were each sentenced to five years, with all but six months suspended.

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