Catching up with Past Little Characters

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There are only a scant few days left of this year’s Little Characters search. We don’t quite know how we’ll cope without the daily influx of adorable pictures to ooh and ahh; we’ve become so used to it at this point. As the search (almost) comes to a close, we checked in with the impossibly cute Grant and his mom, Kyra about their experience as part of the 2011 Little Characters.

BFB: So Kyra, what prompted you to submit to the Little Characters search?

Kyra: Everyone always tells us how photogenic Grant is.  We thought we’d give it a try

BFB: Well, he certainly is! How was the experience for you guys? What was your favorite part?

Kyra:  I enjoyed watching him turn it on for the camera….It’s very natural for him.  Grant loved the fashion show at BCCC most of all …He also likes to share the ads with his classmates.

BFB: What advice would you give to parents submitting photos this year?

Kyra: My advice would be to make it as fun and enjoyable as you can….Send in pictures that capture your child’s personality!

BFB: Can Grant recommend a favorite local place for dinner or candy or toys?

Kyra: Grant loves steak and salmon…as for toys, he loves Legos !

The 2013 Wee Chic Little Characters Search continues until April 7th. For more information, or to submit photos of your child, visit 

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