UMD School of Medicine employee shot outside hospital, suspect arrested

The outside of the University of Maryland Medical Center. Image via Google Street View.

Police this morning arrested a man allegedly found with a handgun blocks away from where a University of Maryland School of Medicine employee was critically wounded in a shooting.

Former home of Martick’s Restaurant spared from the wrecking ball—for now

Photo by Ed Gunts.

The former home of Martick’s Restaurant Francais got a reprieve from the wrecking ball this week, when Baltimore’s preservation commission determined the building contributes to the Howard Street Commercial Historic District and encouraged its owner to find a way to save it.

Zahlco picked to rehab historic Mayfair Theatre site, apartments and retail building planned

Photo by Eli Pousson, via Flickr

After numerous attempts, the Baltimore Development Corporation has succeeded in finding a developer to rehab what remains of the historic Mayfair Theatre and an adjacent lot that previously housed the Franklin-Delphy Hotel.

Days after incident at Hippodrome, actors to perform pop-up play tonight speaking out against anti-Semitism

Flyer for “Dogs of Art #1,” via Facebook/Guerrilla Theatre Front

As sorry as he says he is for yelling “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” last Wednesday during a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof,” Anthony Derlunas’ drunken shouting angered many around town, and put some of the Hippodrome’s theater-goers on edge for fear of another anti-Semitic outburst (or worse).

Today, a group of Baltimore actors announced they’ve banded together in solidarity against hate, forming the Guerrilla Theatre Front to put on theatrical performances “with no bounds” and without “the traditional footholds of theater spaces and companies”—which is to say, in impromptu pop-up fashion, and in unconventional places.

La Calle’s modern take on Mexican food is a winner

Octopus with cactus salad is one of many successful dishes on La Calle’s modern Mexican menu.

It’s been 25 years since salsa overtook ketchup as the most sold condiment in the United States, but Baltimore’s embrace of serious Mexican food is a newer phenomenon. And a phenomenon it is. The recent success of legitimately authentic Mexican spots like Clavel and Cocina Lucahadoras is a heartening development.

Current Space plans to expand with a $500,000 ‘ruin garden’

417-421 N. Howard St. Photo by the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation.

Plans to create a “ruin garden” at the Current Space artist gallery on N. Howard Street  can move forward after Baltimore’s preservation commission this week approved a $500,000 plan that calls for partially demolishing an adjacent building.

Event Pick: Make your pick for governor with the help of a rap battle

Image via Facebook.

Being a good voter is being an informed voter, but sometimes plowing through campaign flyers, newspaper questionnaires and policy pages on candidate websites can be a bit, well, draining. Here, you will get to absorb the policies of Gov. Larry Hogan and former NAACP executive Ben Jealous in nearly two-minute battle rap verses ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

Not from the candidates themselves, mind you, but from local MCs Ray Cobaine and J. Law.

Event Pick: Books, books and more books at Book Festival and Comic-Con

Image via the Baltimore Book Festival’s Facebook page

“If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t f–k them.” Those immortal words come to us from Baltimore’s favorite son, director John Waters.

This weekend will give the City That Reads ample opportunity to stock its bookshelves with novels, biographies, graphic novels and superhero comics at both the Baltimore Book Festival and Baltimore Comic-Con. Both events are within walking distance of each other.

Event Pick: See photos of Baltimore’s architectural treasures

Image via Facebook

Each year, Doors Open Baltimore allows people behind-the-scenes access to many of Baltimore’s most beautiful buildings, some of which are not always open to the public. The next one is happening Oct. 6-7, by the way.

As an appetizer to that, head to the Peale Center tonight for an exhibit of photographs showcasing the unique details of some of the best-designed structures in our cityscape.

Baltimore’s newest Catholic school to be named for pioneering black nun Mother Mary Lange

Portrait of Mother Mary Lange, via Archdiocese of New Orleans

The Archdiocese of Baltimore’s next school will be named for a sainthood-bound nun who founded the country’s first Catholic place of learning for black children, right here in Baltimore.