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JuneNique Wig Boutique: Coping with COVID and Standing Up For Racial Equity



Small businesses and non-profits are especially hard hit during the coronavirus outbreak. We get it! Baltimore Fishbowl is a small business, too. To help small businesses and non-profits, we will provide regular updates to let you know how they are coping. 

The following is an update from Dominique Youngblood, Owner of JuneNique Wig Boutique, LLC, on how she is adapting and coping during these times.

How have you altered your business to adapt to the quarantine?

I have conducted virtual consultations to help women with natural hair tips during this quarantine, helping to educate them, and having open/fun discussions.

Supporting Our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Orange Element Announces New Partnership with Baltimore-Based Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


Orange Element is proud to announce a new partnership with Baltimore-based Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (CRJ). Cristo Rey Jesuit High School empowers Baltimore youth to succeed in college, career, and life, providing access and opportunity for students of religious, racial, and ethnic diversity. Their students excel through rigorous academics, a corporate internship program, extracurricular activities, and faith formation.

Orange Element brings its strong non-profit expertise to the partnership, with one of the first deliverables being a dynamic, modern, and comprehensive web presence for CRJ that serves both short- and long-term strategic needs. Accurately representing the vibrant student life of the school, bringing to life student success stories, and enhancing visibility to community partners is paramount in the new CRJ online experience.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Orange Element; they share our commitment to Baltimore. We truly value their innovative spirit and collaboration.” – Dr, Bill Heiser, President of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Breaking Down Barriers and Learning About Neighbors


Tikvah Womack was preparing for a Shabbaton at her synagogue when Rina Goloskov reached out to her with an idea she wanted to discuss about making their community stronger.

Both women live in Northwest Baltimore, in diverse neighborhoods of African American, Jewish and Latinx families. Both are Orthodox Jews, while Womack is also a Woman of Color.

Rina, said Womack, was concerned about the fact that many of the community members had little relationship with neighbors who were not similar to them.

“We both felt that we wanted to build bridges and create understanding. Yet we knew we had to begin by breaking down the barriers,” recalls Womack.

Together, with the support of CHAI, The Associated agency that focuses on strengthening Northwest Baltimore neighborhoods, they created a four-part dialogue series that engaged Orthodox and African American women living in CHAI’s five city neighborhoods.

Summer Fun from the Comfort of your Home is only a Few Clicks Away!


Summer 2020 is different than any we have experienced before, and new challenges call for innovative solutions! Summer at Friends has taken many of your favorite aspects of summer camp, including art, science, music, drama, and technology, and transformed them into exciting virtual options.

These Virtual Summer programs are designed with kids in mind, and are scheduled to make it easy for busy parents! Most programs are one hour long and feature a mix of instruction, time to share projects with friends, plus a few activities for children to enjoy throughout the rest of the day! There are plenty of options, and you can mix and match different classes to craft a schedule that is perfect for your child!

Explore Maryland Film Fest, Virtually – June 12 – 21


The Maryland Film Festival rises from the ashes in an all-new virtual format for 2020 from June 12 – 21! Get ready for TEN DAYS of film fest extravaganza: the best of emerging, independent cinema in the world today at your fingertips with the brand new SNF Parkway Virtual Theatre. This Maryland Film Festival is going to be a little different – and a whole lotta fun. Tickets are on sale NOW!

These won’t be just any regular old online screenings. The SNF Parkway Virtual Theatre will be giving you the full Maryland Film Fest experience with:

– North American & World Premiere Films
– Exclusive Filmmaker Interactives
– Hosted Virtual Events & Afterparties
– Signature Short Film Programs
– And More!

Stages Music Arts Announces Virtual Concert to Benefit Baltimore Hunger Project


Music lesson, recording studio and live event production company​ ​Stages Music Arts​ will host a virtual concert to benefit Baltimore Hunger Project​,​ ​which is dedicated to eliminating weekend childhood hunger, on Thursday, June 11, from 7 to 9 p.m. The concert, which is free, will be raising money for Baltimore Hunger Project via GoFundMe.

The concert features some of the Baltimore area’s finest singer-songwriter talent, including hometown hero and nationally touring act ​Cris Jacobs, ​music scene veteran and Stages instructor ​Mitch Treger ​performing with Stages general manager​ Charles Simon​, and the raw, emotive ​Scott Siskind ​of Vinny Vegas. The concert also features Charleston, South Carolina-based one-man band ​Super Reggae Man, ​whose mesmerizing performances have him building songs by looping six live instruments.

The concert will be livestreamed from Stages Music Arts’​ ​Facebook page​.

Book Suggestions That Help You Talk to Your Children about Race and Multi-culturalism


This has been quite a month! As the weather turns nicer, time outside can be just what we need to lift our spirits.

And yet, in the past few days, as we turn on the news, scroll through social media, or even just look out our doors, we are filled with images of illness, racism and injustice.

You may be wondering how to talk about this with your children. It can be challenging for parents, grandparents and teachers when we do not have all the answers. We may stumble over our words; we may feel we do not have the right language. This is ok! But our children need us to be role models, to talk with them in age appropriate ways, and to help them see their neighbors of all races and ethnicities as friends. It is our job to make sure that our children embrace difference and reject racism.

Our goal at PJ Library remains the same as it always has- to help families raise thoughtful, caring and engaged Jewish children. This month PJ Library subscribers will receive books relating to kindness, mitzvot and making the world a better place.

Distance Learning Brings RPCS Community Closer Together


When Maryland schools closed in mid-March to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Roland Park Country School community quickly rose to the challenge of adapting to distance learning and has embraced the new virtual environment. Throughout the spring, teachers, students and their families in grades K-12 have been flexible, resilient and creative, while continuing to engage in rigorous learning from home.

Embracing the New Normal
“Overall, the distance learning program has been great, and our spirited community here at RPCS never fails to make the best out of any situation, “ said ninth grader Sofia Mollica. Instead of feeling confined to the digital realm, students are embracing this learning model and finding new ways to take intellectual risks and grow. “It’s been a profoundly exciting way to see the power of technology and its ability to connect,” said Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Upper School English teacher. This spring, her seniors used their distance learning to experiment and create unique final assessment projects that apply literary devices and critical lenses they studied all year, including a podcast exploring motherhood in literature, an interview series about modern feminism and family constellations, and a video project examining white privilege through poetry. “Distance learning has been going well because, ultimately, I teach such wonderful students,” said Lindsay. “They are deeply dedicated to their work, and while the formatting has changed, that dedication has never wavered.”

Exploring History Through Jewish Museum of Maryland’s Online Database


The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to reevaluate our options for entertainment, work and social interactions. As we continue to cope in different ways, many of us have seized the opportunity to relive family moments by sharing old photographs and retelling personal stories, leaving us thinking about our past, present and future.

And for those left wanting more, the Jewish Museum of Maryland (JMM) is guaranteed to pique one’s interest in the history of Maryland and the Jewish people. Storytellers at heart, JMM curates 12,000 objects, more than 68,000 photographs, 850 oral histories, two historic synagogues and three exhibit galleries. They find new stories all the time — stories that will make you question, make you laugh, make you think and feel deeply—no matter who you are. From poignant to whimsical, comfortably familiar to downright bizarre, they are able to find, tell and protect the stories of Maryland’s Jewish communities.

It’s easy to search and find any story, photo or object using JMM’s online collections database. Typing in keywords, such as a year (1960), a historical period (the civil war) or a place (Lombard Street) generates photos and information on any given subject.

This can provide a deeper dive into our shared history as well as expand one’s knowledge base. Below you can see the full range of abilities the online collections database offers as Tracie Guy-Decker, the Deputy Director of the Jewish Museum of Maryland, walks you through its features.

“If you just want to see something fun you can always click on ‘random images.’  Then you get a whole bunch of images from our collections [and] some things you might never expect.”