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The First Week of School in the Children’s Garden at Waldorf School of Baltimore

Curiosity is piqued in garden spaces, especially when caterpillars are crawling around.

When the global pandemic caused schools to abruptly shift to distance learning in the spring, administrators at the Waldorf School of Baltimore began making adjustments for the fall. Last week, they kicked off the school year in a different kind of way.

Students in first through eighth grades began the year with distance learning and a plan to explore subject classes in groups, back on campus, over the coming weeks. Last week, the school welcomed their youngest students  – preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten –  back to a campus outfitted with improved outdoor learning spaces.

“Our curriculum calls for lots of time outdoors even when we are not in the midst of a global pandemic,” said Lindsay Machak, Director of Outreach and Communications, “so we just expanded on what we were already doing.”

Take a look at their first week of school in the Children’s Garden.

Maryland SPCA Walkathon to Support Homeless Pets


September 9 to 26, join the Maryland SPCA for Virtual Festival for the Animals – a walkathon to support homeless pets! You can help unlock $65,000 in donations.

Here’s how it works. Register online at festivalfortheanimals.org. Every day during the Festival, take 3,000 steps by walking, running, or playing with your pet.

Every mile we complete together will unlock $100 in donations. Helps us reach our goal of 650 miles and we’ll unlock a total of $65,000 to support MD SPCA! You can submit your steps at festivalfortheanimals.org beginning September 9.

Featured Hot Listing: Roland Park Tradition Converges with Notable Style and Thoughtful Renovation


801 Saint Georges Road, Baltimore, MD 21210
5 bedroom, 3 bath/ 2 half bath
Offered At: $1,250,000

Beautiful bones have been carefully maintained and seamlessly enhanced by the current owners. A stunning vaulted gourmet kitchen/ family room addition with fireplace and sun-drenched dining area are the heart of this home. Inviting living spaces are everywhere, including two unique and enchanting rooms to get down to business. Outdoor spaces are artfully designed to invite intimate gatherings, backyard games and plenty of room for social distancing. Within walking distance to so many schools, local eateries and shops.

Creating Beautiful Spaces To Enhance Both The Function And Appeal of Your Home


We’re sure that you’ve heard the adage of making your home a sanctuary. An oasis. A haven. The truth is, a home is much more than a space to store our belongings. If the past five months we’ve been spending a lot more time at home has taught us anything, it’s that our homes are much more enjoyable to be in when they reflect our personal lifestyle and taste, a space that prioritizes elegance and comfort over clutter and disorganization.

Funny enough, quarantine was when most of us surely noticed aspects of our home we may never have before. Windows too small, outdated cabinetry and clutter that has unknowingly piled up. Not to mention, a lack of a home office space, a luxury quite relevant now more than ever! Maybe we’re just now realizing our backyards are far underutilized or uncultivated, or our dining room or kitchen table are not the best makeshift office space. Now that we are actually spending more time at home than we have in the past, we may not even have a decent space outside to enjoy the remaining warmer months.

In such stressful times as these, a space to reset and rejuvenate—ultimately, a space that is pleasing to the eye and mind—will make all the difference in our overall happiness. If we’re stuck at home, we want our home to be a place we are more-than-happy to be stuck in.

Finding Sanctuary in Fairy Tale Features

One of the greatest features to incorporate into your home are floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sima Abarbanel’s Commitment to Women and Girls


For someone who spent 26 years in front of a middle school classroom at Krieger Schechter Day School, who sits on steering committees and co-chairs programs, it may be hard to believe that Sima Abarbanel prefers to take a low profile. But for this committed volunteer, it’s never been about being in the spotlight.

The Final Weeks of Snowball Season in Baltimore

When you ask a Baltimorean about their favorite summertime food memories, you will likely hear tales of crab feasts from throughout their lives, and maybe about the time Aunt Josie alone ate two dozen crabs while polishing off her own pitcher of beer. But if you dig just a little deeper beyond the crab seasoning, then you will undoubtedly hear us locals wonderfully rhapsodizing about our snowballs, that very-Baltimore summer delicacy of ice enjoyed on the hot, humid evenings of summer.

For those unfamiliar with snowballs, they are sweet treats of shaved ice–not crushed, packed ice as found in snow cones–drenched with a plethora of flavored sugary syrups and all sorts of optional condiments. Snowballs are sold from snowball stands, of course, and these stands can run from an elaborate shed-like building adorned with colored lights, to a simple folding table covered with a plastic tablecloth. All stands feature the essential shaved ice machine poised and ready to conquer big chunks of ice, as well as the numerous bottles of flavored syrups. Regardless of the surroundings the results are usually the same: a delightful and refreshing icy treat slathered with your favorite flavoring and toppings.

Pull Up a Chair and Join The Associated


Sit down with The Associated each month as we hear the personal stories from members of our Baltimore Jewish Community. We’ll laugh, reminisce and learn a thing or two about what it means to build a strong community. Pull Up A Chair and join us!

Rethinking Baltimore’s Work Spaces for a Strong Reopening

Photo Credit: Patrick Ross Photography

Single-space business centers offer an adaptable, achievable solution for working through and beyond the COVID pandemic.

For many, working from home has become a recent reality. The promise of a zero-minute commute and lunch in your own kitchen once sounded ideal. Now, as boundaries blur between home and work responsibilities, it is not the dream many thought it would be. In a recent study from Gensler, only 12% of 2,300 people said they want to work from home full time.

It is clear, however, that returning to business as usual is also not an option. Like fax machines, stringent corporate culture now feels like an office relic. This, of course, was becoming clear pre-pandemic and spurred the rise of more collaborative co-working spaces. Nevertheless, their wide-open layouts and laidback environments felt distracting before and potentially unsafe now. Where is a Goldilocks to work?

Photo Credit: Patrick Ross Photography

The FREE Virtual Chesapeake Film Festival Announces a Sneak Preview of Its 2020 Line-Up


The pandemic can’t stop the Chesapeake Film Festival from giving their valued film enthusiasts and supporters another fabulous cinema experience in 2020. From October 1 – October 4, at NO COST to the audience, viewers will receive a four-day All Festival pass to watch any or all of 45 films selected from more than 200 submissions. It’s the festival’s gift to film lovers in the community, and beyond. Because the festival is virtual, viewers can watch the films anywhere in the world. All that is asked is that viewers consider a contribution to offset expenses.

Chesapeake Film Festival is bringing you an explosion of cinematic flavors, including dramas, comedies, environmental concerns, emerging artists, Maryland-made films, fascinating documentaries and pulsating animations. Right in your living room, engage in the fun, heartbreak, intellectual stimulation and edification of films like these: