Catherine Pugh Talks to ESPN About Running Races…With Her Feet

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PughPurpleLots of folks know State Sen. Catherine Pugh helped to create the Baltimore Marathon. In the final weeks of the political race she is running, Pugh slowed down long enough to offer running tips on a national platform.

In an article that appeared this week in ESPNW, the Democratic nominee for Baltimore mayor talked about her running habits. If you feel like you haven’t seen this side of Pugh, don’t be offended. She said she prefers to run by herself, saying it gives her time “to think and gives me time to spend with myself.”

Anyone looking for signs of Pugh’s character that may also come out in politics may be interested in the section on marathon training. She said she’s never had the experience of crashing in the 18th mile. “…I think I’m more competitive in the end then I am in the beginning,” she said.

That competitive nature showed up again in the tale of another race in Annapolis, when she missed out on awards that were given to the top 10 finishers. Someone asked her why she looked down after the race, considering that she was the first African American woman to win. “I said, “S—, ain’t no awards for first black girls. It’s about the top 10. I missed it.”

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