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Pugh Aide Pleads Guilty to Making Illegal Campaign Contributions

Gary Brown Jr.

An employee in Mayor Catherine Pugh’s office will be on probation for the next year after making illegal campaign contributions.

Pugh Aide Indicted Over Campaign Contributions

Gary Brown Jr. (via garybrownjr.com)

An indictment released Monday alleges that a Baltimore politician made illegal contributions to Mayor Catherine Pugh’s 2016 campaign.

Sheila Dixon: ‘This Isn’t Goodbye’


sheilabluedress-new-500x600Sheila Dixon formally conceded in the Baltimore mayor’s race, issuing a statement that appears to bring the 2016 contest to an end. But she left her future open.

Pugh Plots Changes in City Hall After Winning Mayor’s Race


PughPurpleThe morning after securing victory in the Baltimore mayor’s race, Catherine Pugh once again sounded the theme of community development.

Catherine Pugh Talks to ESPN About Running Races…With Her Feet


PughPurpleLots of folks know State Sen. Catherine Pugh helped to create the Baltimore Marathon. In the final weeks of the political race she is running, Pugh slowed down long enough to offer running tips on a national platform.

Presumptive Mayor Pugh Has Big Plans



Catherine Pugh won the Democratic primary for mayor this week, which presumably makes her the city’s next top official.

Sheila Dixon Will Challenge SRB in 2016 Mayor’s Race


dixonThis is not a flashback. Sheila Dixon is running for mayor.

Southeast Baltimore City Council Candidates Keep Popping Up


HWCityHall500x334Jim Kraft’s decision to give up the 1st District City Council seat immediately pulled two candidates into the race. In recent weeks, two more have emerged.

How The Wire Derived Inspiration from Actual Corrupt Baltimore Politicians



The Wire has been off the air for seven years now, but judging from the number of thinkpieces, nostalgiapieces, and regular old pieces devoted to it, devoted viewers still miss it acutely.

Baltimore City Council Refuses to Require Restaurants to Post Inspection Grades


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.44.47 PM

Two weeks ago, the Baltimore City Council gave initial passage to legislation that would have required restaurants to post restaurant inspection grades. In two weeks, something changed. The council rejected the bill on a final vote Monday night.