Catherine Pugh won the Democratic primary for mayor this week, which presumably makes her the city’s next top official.

Since Pugh will soon be running the city, barring some sort of unforeseen disaster, many people are interested in her plans for the future. Pugh gave the Baltimore Sun a glimpse of what her future administration might look like–notably, that she’d like to ask current Health Commissioner Leana Wen and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis to stick around, but that she’s ready to ditch long-embattled Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano.

Graziano, who was a focal point of a number of scandals late last year–though he’s weathered other scandals before, and made it through them just fine. But Pugh spoke out against him then, and it sounds as though she’s sticking to that –at least for now. Beyond that, Pugh’s future plans remain vague: “I will evaluate where we are, what is good about what we’re doing, and what’s great about what we’re doing and what we can fix,” she told the Sun.