Sheila Dixon Will Challenge SRB in 2016 Mayor’s Race

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dixonThis is not a flashback. Sheila Dixon is running for mayor.

On Wednesday, Dixon took to Facebook to announce she will challenging Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the 2016 mayoral race. Despite that resignation in the wake of corruption charges, she wants her old job back.

“After discussions with my family and encouragement from friends and people across the city, I have made a decision to run for Mayor of Baltimore,” she wrote. “I believe I have the leadership skills and experience to bring citizens across the city together to create a safer city that is also cleaner, greener, and healthier than we are today.”

There’s also a campaign website.

Dixon agreed to step down from her post as the city’s chief executive as part of a plea agreement in 2010. She pleaded guilty to a charge of embezzling $600 worth of gift cards that were supposed to go to needy families. After Dixon stepped down, Rawlings-Blake assumed the mayor’s office.

Dixon was on probation through 2014, meaning she couldn’t seek public office. Since the protests surrounding Freddie Gray’s death, Dixon has re-emerged in the community. She got a standing ovation at Gray’s funeral.

Dixon plans to make a formal announcement after Labor Day.

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  1. Sheila has always cared about our communities. She took a political hit and handled it gracefully. Being Mayor because you truly care about the citizens is way different then using the office to climb the political ladder as others have done!

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