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Sheila Dixon dips a toe in the 2020 waters—and so does #TeamDixon

Sheila Dixon in 2015. Image via Facebook.

With Catherine Pugh embroiled in scandal and Bernard C. “Jack” Young serving as mayor in an acting capacity, and saying he will not seek to retain the office, the race for the 2020 election, in the words of the Baltimore Sun editorial board, starts now.

And a familiar face may jump into the fray.

Sheila Dixon: ‘This Isn’t Goodbye’


sheilabluedress-new-500x600Sheila Dixon formally conceded in the Baltimore mayor’s race, issuing a statement that appears to bring the 2016 contest to an end. But she left her future open.

Sheila Dixon Eyeing Write-In Bid for Mayor



Former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon is eyeing a write-in campaign to get back into her old office this November, multiple outlets report.

Sheila Dixon Says Robocall is Falsely Claiming She Dropped Out


sheilabluedress-new-500x600On the day most voters were set to head to the polls, Sheila Dixon said a robocall was being spread with false information about her candidacy.

Jada Pinkett Smith Invites Catherine Pugh to Church, Holds Forum



State Sen. Catherine Pugh receives a boost of star power as she runs against Sheila Dixon — and a slew of others — in Baltimore’s Democratic mayoral primary.

Sheila Dixon on Leadership, Crime, and the Power of Forgiveness



Sheila Dixon has one qualification that her opponents in the Baltimore mayoral race don’t: She’s already done the job. From 2007-2010, Dixon served as the city’s first female mayor. Two years into her term, she was indicted for fraud committed while in office. That case ended with her acquitted on the most serious counts of theft and misconduct while in office, but found guilty for misappropriating gift cards that were intended for poor residents. But after resigning as mayor as part of her plea agreement, Dixon continued to be involved in the city–and last year, she made it clear that she wanted her old job back.

In this crowded field, Dixon, 61, faces the unique challenge of building on her past expertise while also distancing herself from her past mistakes. We spoke with her about what she’s learned in recent years–and how she would govern the city, if given the chance to do so again:

Sum up your life philosophy in one sentence.

Never let a moment pass when you’re not using the talents God gave you to make a difference in the lives of others.

When did you define your most important goals, and what are they?

I’m my best self when I’m active and doing something positive in the community. I have high expectations for myself, my family and the city of Baltimore, as my children Jasmine and Joshua would tell you. Even back when I was a teacher, I saw talented students who were being held back so I would sneak them into a higher-level class so they could be challenged.

Sheila Dixon Releases Plan to End Violence



The Democratic primary for Mayor of the City of Baltimore is just a few months away, and today Sheila Dixon released a four-point plan to address the violence and crime that has overcome Baltimore.  Last year was Baltimore’s deadliest year ever recorded on a per-capita basis.

Sheila Dixon Will Challenge SRB in 2016 Mayor’s Race


dixonThis is not a flashback. Sheila Dixon is running for mayor.

What on Earth Is Sheila Dixon Thinking?!



Blast the theme song to Jaws. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon is back, sort of.

“This is the year I’m going to decide,” Dixon said recently of her (scary) wish to run for political office after the 2009 criminal conviction that forced her out. “I’m not going to hide the fact that I enjoyed what I was doing my 27 years in public office.”

Of course, she enjoyed herself! She stole gift cards donated by developers meant to go to the poor; she lied to her constituents; she gave the mayoral office an embarrassingly bad name; after her conviction, she showed little remorse; and as she endured her easy-breezy probation period, she collected an annual pension of $83,000.