Sheila Dixon in 2015. Image via Facebook.

With Catherine Pugh embroiled in scandal and Bernard C. “Jack” Young serving as mayor in an acting capacity, and saying he will not seek to retain the office, the race for the 2020 election, in the words of the Baltimore Sun editorial board, starts now.

And a familiar face may jump into the fray.

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who herself left office amid scandal, appeared on WBAL News Radio this morning to discuss Pugh’s deal to sell 100,000 children’s books to the University of Maryland Medical System for $500,000 while she sat on the organization’s board of directors.

“At this point in time, I believe there’s a process that has to take place,” she told host Bryan Nehman.

She said it was important for Young to step up and lead on a problem that plagues the city and has for years: gun violence.

But does she seen an opportunity to run for mayor again? Dixon, even though she was convicted of embezzlement in 2009 for stealing gift cards meant for poor people, still remains a popular figure in the city.

In a crowded Democratic primary in 2016, she narrowly lost to Pugh by a little more than 2,000 votes. A write-in campaign for the general was not as successful, with Dixon losing by 35 points, but she still got the second highest vote total.

On air, Dixon said she’s been thinking about a rematch.

“I have been considering it, even before all of this broke, and I have not made a final decision,” she said. “I love this city, I’m committed to the people of this city.”

Apparently someone is eager for her to run. A campaign-affiliated Facebook page posted an election sign with a 2020 date and posed the question, “What do you think Baltimore??”

Hours later, the post was removed, and a new post signed by #TeamDixon claimed the account had been “hacked.”

“We apologize for the confusion but this was not authorized or planned,” the post said, somewhat cryptically. “We have since gotten to the source of the problem.”

The author wished Pugh a speedy recovery and pledged support for Young.

“Baltimore, we thank you for your well wishes,” the post ended. “We also appreciate your endless support.”

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