Sheila Dixon: ‘This Isn’t Goodbye’

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sheilabluedress-new-500x600Sheila Dixon formally conceded in the Baltimore mayor’s race, issuing a statement that appears to bring the 2016 contest to an end. But she left her future open.

Dixon entered the open mayor’s race hoping to regain the seat she left in 2010 after being indicted for misappropriating funds from gift cards.

Even though she didn’t come out on top in the polls, Dixon was in the conversation around the race all year.

She lost the Democratic primary to Catherine Pugh in April. After that race, she called the vote into question. The complaints were given more fuel when the state decided to investigate the race. However, Dixon did not end up calling for a recount.

Instead, she returned in October with a write-in campaign for the general election. She didn’t have time to raise much money, but told WBAL-TV’s Jayne Miller on Election night that she benefitted from free media coverage.

On Tuesday night, Pugh was elected by a wide margin. Once again, Dixon responded by saying she would not stop until “every vote was counted,” ABC2 reports.

On Wednesday, she formally conceded the race, saying she was “humbled and grateful” for voters “who saw fit to have enough confidence in my love for this city to grant me the opportunity to have a chance at regaining the position I was destined for.”

But she once again left her future open, saying, “This isn’t goodbye, just the closing of another chapter in our lives.

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