Baltimore City Council Refuses to Require Restaurants to Post Inspection Grades

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Two weeks ago, the Baltimore City Council gave initial passage to legislation that would have required restaurants to post restaurant inspection grades. In two weeks, something changed. The council rejected the bill on a final vote Monday night.

Specifically, something changed for council members Jim Kraft, Eric Costello and William “Pete” Welch. Each voted in favor of the bill initially, but voted against it last night. According to the Baltimore Sun, Kraft said he changed his vote after hearing from restaurant owners who were opposed.

Councilman Brandon Scott, who sponsored the bill, released a long statement on Tuesday saying he “failed to convince enough of my Council Colleagues to vote in favor of you, the people, over special interest.” He also said claims that the bill would have cost restaurants money were false.

“Let me be clear, nothing would have changed about the inspections of food facilities except citizens immediately knowing the results of them,” Scott wrote.

Scott worked on the bill for more than two years. In addition to requiring restaurants to post their inspection grades, the bill would have also required the city to post the inspection data in an online database.

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  1. New York has the rating system, but it seems every resturant has an A rating so it’s like no rating at all. I think it’s a big scam. If they get complaints or they don’t like you then they close you down. If you saw the Facebook post of the cupcake place which had a A rating and mice running in the window. Say what.

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