A Chain Comes to Fells Point’s Main Street

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In a world with an ever-increasing number of chain restaurants, those streets that still emphasize the small and local can feel like a special treasure worth protecting.

Fells Point’s Main Street is one such example–but, as the Baltimore Business Journal reports, those local stores and restaurants will soon be joined by a chain juice shop: Smoothie King, to be precise.

Lovers of the small and local don’t need to panic–yet. The juice shop will apparently be so small that it won’t even have room for seating; as such, it’s not likely to transform the character of the neighborhood. The new smoothie spot is set to open this summer at 1716 Thames St.; it’s only the second location of the chain within the city limits.

However, if you prefer your smoothies/juices a little more local, you’ve got plenty of other options.

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