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A Chain Comes to Fells Point’s Main Street



In a world with an ever-increasing number of chain restaurants, those streets that still emphasize the small and local can feel like a special treasure worth protecting.

Juice Packs To Go from Plantbar



catch of the day fish (2)Is the warm weather starting to turn your mind toward summer fitness? Now that the buds are budding and spring is here, many of us are crawling out of our winter hibernation shells to find we’ve lost a bit of that healthy glow we had once upon a time. It could be the fact that most of our skin hasn’t seen the sun in many months. Or that we stocked up on clearance Valentine’s Day and Easter candy and have been dutifully working through it (oops). Or that it’s just that much harder to make it to the gym when the roads are covered in ice, and the Snuggie calls. Fair enough. But now it’s time to get your head back in the game. One super quick (and delicious) health fix you can bet on? Fresh pressed juice 6-packs from Pantbar.

Jukai Juice Co. Has Come to Hampden



catch of the day fish (2)You know how you occasionally meet people who just glow with health and you can’t tell if it’s their skin or their hair or their perfect teeth or what, but whatever it is, they just radiate physical and spiritual well-being and you’re jealous? Well, more and more reports indicate that the secret is actually juice. These people—the ones with “the glow”—get their nutrients super fresh and abundantly from freshly squeezed juice made from all manner of fruits and vegetables. Since most of the stuff you buy at the store is pasteurized, and much of it with added sugar and preservatives anyway, the only way to get the real stuff is to juice your own (no thanks) or find yourself a good local juice bar. These days, a quick stroll down The Avenue will accomplish the latter.

Juice Bar and Yoga Studio Coming to Hampden


A juice bar and yoga studio are coming to Hampden in March, setting up shop next to the newly opened Belgian brasserie De Kleine Duivel.

Jukai Juice Co. and SOULshine Wellness Studio share an entrance, and once inside customers can go from one to the other without leaving the building. The 750-square-foot space is about equally divided between Jukai and SOULshine.