We’re down to the finals. Up until now, it has been a frenzy! Tonight is the final night, who will take the win? Vote now! Tell your friends to vote! Tell your mom to vote. Scream out into the world and tell them to vote. Okay, maybe not that far…

[poll id=”5″]

3 replies on “Championship Round!”

  1. Seriously? Voting wasn’t even close when it was once a day so you make the final another robo-click war? Ridiculous… this is completely meaningless now

    1. Hi Fishy_Indeed: This was our first ever survey. We thought having it correspond with March Madness would be fun, but it proved much more problematic than we anticipated. We won’t conduct a survey like this again. From now on, it will just be a quick and easy limited time survey. We just thought we needed to conclude this survey as we said we would, breaking down each “bracket” until the end. It’s all over tomorrow. Sorry this has been frustrating for you and others.

    2. Just limit the voting to once per IP address anytime you want a survey with meaningful results. Not hard to code at all and it eliminates auto clicking and ballot stuffing entirely.

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