Charles Street Construction Closing Chaos: Nevermind

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Johns Hopkins - Charles Village - Charles Street Reconstruction
Photo by Casey Prather

Starting this past spring, we’ve been dreading the traffic and noise and general chaos that was sure to arrive when the major Charles Street reconstruction closed several main trafficways in Charles Village. When it didn’t happen, we were relieved — and a little puzzled. “July!” the planners claimed. “Seriously, things are gonna start getting crazy in July!” A few months later:  “And by July, we meant September. For real this time. September.” And each of those times, we believed them. Silly us.
Earlier this week, the Baltimore City Transportation Department announced that northbound Charles Street won’t need to be closed until 2013, and maybe as late as the spring of that year. Some of this is because of delays in construction plans, but it’s also because the city’s project team figured out how to get some of their necessary reconfigurations done without fully closing the road — and we sure are grateful for that.

If you’re traveling through Charles Village, you should be aware that some minor changes are in effect; that extremely narrow northbound service lane is now closed (good riddance, we say), and parking rules have gotten much more complicated. If you want detailed updates on the project and its attendant road closures, go here. If all goes according to plan, the construction will wrap up in summer 2014, and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

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