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Charles Village’s Newest Public Art Project



In case you have’t noticed, there have been a lot of changes happening around North Charles Street, near the Hopkins campus.

Charles Street Road Construction Is Almost Over



It feels like just yesterday that we were warning you, dear readers, about the “the ultimately-good-but-really-stressful-for-the-next-few-years reconstruction of Charles Street” — but in reality, it’s taken two years to complete the construction project aimed at making the area around Johns Hopkins more pedestrian friendly. The reconstruction involved shutting down both north- and south-bound lanes of Charles Street, a major thoroughfare, for months. But drivers take note: That’s about to change, sooner than you might expect.

Charles Street Construction Closing Chaos: Nevermind

Johns Hopkins - Charles Village - Charles Street Reconstruction
Photo by Casey Prather

Starting this past spring, we’ve been dreading the traffic and noise and general chaos that was sure to arrive when the major Charles Street reconstruction closed several main trafficways in Charles Village. When it didn’t happen, we were relieved — and a little puzzled. “July!” the planners claimed. “Seriously, things are gonna start getting crazy in July!” A few months later:  “And by July, we meant September. For real this time. September.” And each of those times, we believed them. Silly us.