Charles Theatre’s Theater 1 Is Shrinking

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Charles Theatre

Tapas Teatro, Station North’s Spanish-style small-plates restaurant, has been looking to expand. And bounded as they are on both sides by other establishments, options are limited. So neighboring Charles Theatre, which rents Tapas Teatro its space, will shrink its Theater 1 by 80 seats.

Though the idea of the Charles reducing the size of its original theater fills me with a vague sense of panic, co-owner Kathleen Cusack Lyon that the renovation, which will leave the theater with a little more than 400 seats, will not excise “a great deal of space.” She also noted (dejectedly?) that it’s rare for Theater 1 to sell out.

The $100,000 construction project will involve more than a space swap with Tapas. Theater 1 will get upgraded seats, and the walls will be renovated. The Charles Revival Series, which screens old films in the theater three times a week, will not be affected.

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