Cheaters Are Creative at Maryland Casinos

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Not long ago, we told you about all the sophisticated security systems in place to catch cheaters in Maryland’s new casinos. But that hasn’t stopped some enterprising folks from sneaking fake $100 chips into the Maryland Live casino.

Casino officials were quick to point out that the fraudulent chips were used at roulette, blackjack, and mini-baccarat tables, not in the poker room. Why does it matter? Well, the poker room is the casino’s pride and joy. According to the Washington Post, it’s regularly the second-busiest poker room in the entire country. And it’s about to break into the big time even more thanks to a $1 million tournament that started this week, and which will be featured on a new TV show called “Poker Night in America.” Which means they really, really don’t want anything to go wrong.

So how do you prevent chip counterfeiting? The casino officials don’t like to divulge their secrets, although they did tell the Post they use “multiple verification methods that didn’t exist previously.” They also rotate their chip sets, so as to stump wannabe counterfeiters. They may even introduce an entirely new set of chips for a big tournament like the one going on right now. But, as we know, cheaters will always find a way…

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